Ukraine on the way to Europe

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“… Viktor Yanukovych who has his eye on Brussels will crash, but, maybe, he will get on plank beds with a smell of Yuliya Tymoshenko’s perfume …”, “It is no secret for anyone that the main headquarters of all this eurointegration is the American embassy in Kyiv. All ideology of the Eastern Partnership was initially… » read more

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Kremlin’s gallows humor

The Kremlin leadership seems to be completely unfamiliar with the genre of the comedy in the noir style. Otherwise they would know that if fear is over the limit it becomes laughter. If analyzing the information anti-European campaign of the Russian Federation with respect to Ukraine, the inability of Russian bonzes to generate new messages… » read more

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Complex of abandoned child

Russia is a thing of which the intellect cannot conceive. These lines of great Tyutchev have been referred to for a century and a half while endeavoring to describe the processes happening in Russia from the point of view of ratio, common sense and logic. But Russia is actually not that complex to grant her… » read more

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