Ukraine on the way to Europe

Why Russia Needs Ukraine

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and prime-minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov have initiated the creation of the tripartite EU-Russian Federation-Ukraine commission to study how to overcome the consequences for the economy of Ukraine from the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union.

Vladimir Putin welcomes this initiative in every possible way. Possibly, seeing it, as a step towards Moscow. But here is the question: whether Putin can make a symmetric step towards Ukraine? And whether this step won’t be too overdue?

The answer to the first question is both simple and difficult at a time. Putin is incapable of making such a step because he didn’t perceive and doesn’t perceive Ukraine, as an independent political player.

In one of my previous columns I wrote that the program on work with Ukraine has been entrusted to the Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov. This, as it seemed, gives certain hope of forming of the real relations between two subjects independent of each other.

But it was my mistake. Friends close to the Russian ruling upper circles have explained a plain nuance: if Surkov was a minister or the president’s deputy chief of staff, then his program on Ukraine would have a certain sense. “He is simply an adviser, he has no weight in our strict bureaucratic model. Well, he’ll write it, well, it will be read – and everything will stay the way it was”, – my companion from Moscow shared this with me in a fit of temper.

That is, Surkov develops a probabilistic model of the relations, but in no way the project of the future influence of the Russian Federation upon Ukraine or the program of dialog. And, most likely, all sober ideas which Surkov and his team are capable of will simply go to the fire chamber. And everything will be the way it was earlier.

Well-known Russian journalist Sergey Dorenko confirmed this sad thought, having rolled out another address, where he called Ukrainians exclusively the suppliers of prostitutes to Europe. What dialog can we talk about, when one of the parties allows itself such statements, and – with a chronometer regularity?

Then – slightly more difficult. When a stronger state straightforwardly doesn’t notice its neighbor, but continues to have designs on it, it is necessary to ask oneself a question: and what is its interest, actually? The answer is – receiving material assets.

Kremlin is still interested in Ukrainian black soil, the Azov shelf, transport and transit opportunities of our country, and also certain industrial assets (mechanical engineering and nuclear power). Therefore, the only strategy which Putin and his environment can adhere is to take away these assets by right or wrong.

And Ukraine? Well, who cares about it? Let it goes on and dangles somewhere in the southeast from the border of the Russian Federation. This is approximately how the Moscow bonzes think.

Moreover, when Evromaydans have shown that Russia isn’t perceived as our Siamese twin any more. Painful pathology is destroyed, and nobody in Ukraine will restore it of his/her own will.

Do the ruling circles of the Russian Federation understand this? Certainly, they cannot but understand. Therefore, the emphasis of their attention will get displaced further and further into the area of specifically monetary, anti-humanitarian interests.



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