Ukraine on the way to Europe

“… Viktor Yanukovych who has his eye on Brussels will crash, but, maybe, he will get on plank beds with a smell of Yuliya Tymoshenko’s perfume …”, “It is no secret for anyone that the main headquarters of all this eurointegration is the American embassy in Kyiv. All ideology of the Eastern Partnership was initially built on the remains of the Cold War …”, “Ukraine becomes the colony of the European Union, but thus doesn’t obtain any rights”…

These are the theses pushed by the Kremlin propaganda via TV channels on air of Russia and the Customs Union. And these are by no means the most rigid statements which Vladimir Putin’s propagandists allow themselves in terms of Ukraine in the light of the forthcoming Eastern Partnership Summit which will take place in Vilnius at the end of November.

Certainly, as Putin didn’t like eurointegration of Ukraine, the same way he doesn’t like it now. Therefore, all apparent dogs were uncoupled in the direction of Ukraine.

For example, the paid-up propagandist masking under TV presenter, Dmitry Kiselyov, didn’t disdain even frank lie, saying that the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych didn’t reach Moscow to meet with Putin. And this is nothing that the next day Putin’s press-secretary squeezed out of himself: “The meeting took place”. Kiselyov didn’t even think about apologizing and continued this same line – pouring dirt and lie on the heads of his compatriots.

Since the main audience of the Russian channels are Russians. Even people at the southeast of Ukraine watch Russian channels less and less. And first of all, because of the mayhem with which the Kremlin TV propagandists feed their audience.

But even propagandists run out of arguments. Thus, that same Sergey Glazyev, Putin’s adviser, tells the same stories about benefits promised by the Customs Union to Ukraine for the 100-th time. But he isn’t able to put forward at least one distinct argument, the same as before.

Joint aircraft industry? But Russians did everything possible to remove Ukrainian partners further away from projects, dreaming about the mergence of the Ukrainian aviation industry by means of its amalgamation with the United aviacorporation of the Russian Federation.

The closed nuclear cycle? Memorandums are signed, plant construction in the Kirovograd region proceeds. After all, this project is necessary, first of all, not to Ukraine, but to Rosatom which has got problems with raw materials. And raw materials are in Ukraine!

Joint space exploration? It’s not even funny. The further it goes, the more discontent with Baikonur Cosmodrome work is shown by Kazakhstan. And the Ukrainian space branch has been working in the Sea Launch project for ten years now, and nothing can be heard about the use of the domestic carriers for launching from continental platforms.

The Russian Federation continues to utter threats of economic sanctions and so forth. But these disputes can be entirely solved even within the World Trade Organization (WTO), no matter how weak it looks today.

The same touches upon the external attempts of impact on public opinion as well. For example, detention of the ship allegedly with weapon in the Greek port. It is curious and quite proved that this action according to all signs falls under the definition of a special operation on the side of the Russian intelligence service – with the aim of discrediting Ukraine in the eyes of the world community as much as possible.

As it has been already reiterated, the train of the Kremlin propaganda has gone so far that even Vladimir Putin has no idea how to curtail its destructive nature. That’s why an extreme noise around Ukraine which will hardly subside even after the Vilnius summit proceeds.

And what’s left in this situation to us, Ukrainians, is to keep calm and move towards Europe.


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