Ukraine on the way to Europe

Farewell, unwashed Russia

The old problem of demarcation of the frontier between Ukraine and Russia has started to get resolved in an absolutely barbarous way – Russian frontier guards establish obstacles out of the barbed wire. For the moment this takes place only on the border with Lugansk region, but it is completely possible that soon this process will be unfolded on the whole length of the border of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

That’s why I want to recall the saying which goes like this: “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”. But the barbarous character of actions of Russian frontiersmen suggests the idea that meanwhile nothing good can be seen in such actions of the Russian frontier service.

Firstly, because the barbed wire is always a war sign. Ukraine didn’t declare war on Russia and isn’t going to. Does it mean, that the Russian Federation prepares for military actions? Certainly, it’s not a fact, but the hint is more than transparent.

Secondly, the procedure of demarcation of borders is conducted according to certain standards which don’t foresee the barbed wire, and, God preserve us!, the minefields. Thus, obstacles from the Russian side can’t be quite called the demarcation process.

Thirdly, while the border with the Russian Federation isn’t delimited on the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, only a person absolutely not familiar with norms of international policy can speak about complete demarcation.

Thus, we can easily note that Kremlin continues to pressurize Kyiv – on the eve of signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

The pressure is absolutely predictable, the more so that it has been aggravated by protest actions in Russia, allegedly, against import of European goods through Ukraine – after the Agreement on the Free Trade Area between Ukraine and the EU comes into effect. Frankly choreographed protest actions in the Russian Federation look so amusing if not to say comedy-like, that I don’t even want to comment them.

And Kremlin’s initiative on the introduction of use of international passports for trips between Ukraine and the Russian Federation needs to be commented on. And commented in the most positive key.

Indeed, how much more is it possible to go to the other state using internal passports? Empire is and will be no longer there. It’s high time to regulate this situation at the level of civil cross-border movements as well. Therefore, personally I rise in applause to Putin’s initiative.

Introduction of visa regime with Russia arouses even more optimism in my mind, of course, if Russia’s leadership dares to do so. In this case, and it is inevitable, my compatriots will start going more not to the northeast, but in other geographical directions. And, having seen different countries, different traditions, they will start becoming wider in their nature – which will become a firm pledge of the definitive getting rid of the musty imperial past.

And then we will be able to quote the great poet Mikhail Lermontov with a light heart:

Farewell! – unwashed, indigent Russia,
The land of slaves, the state of lords,
And you, its navy-coated marshals,
And you, their dedicated herds.


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