Ukraine on the way to Europe

The Russian state-owned mass media carry out the systemic propaganda to discredit Ukraine. The indisputable headliner of the “hatred broadcasts” remains Dmitry Kiselev, the presenter on the leading state-owned channel in Russia – ORT.

“New Yanukovych’s bosses in Europe”, “Yanukovych – in front of the rattrap which will break his spine” and other Kiselev’s passages evidently have nothing to do with the journalistic standards. It is rather propaganda, constructed in the manner of the Goebbels templates, when systematic five minutes of hatred are intended to create for the Russian public the image of Ukraine as the stupid and agonizing country.

The argumentation – is at the level of the department of political science drop-out. The didactics – is marketplace or better to say, using jargon, dirty mouth. What is the Kremlin trying to achieve with such programs? Is it making Russian businessmen refuse to make business projects in Ukraine? It is never going to happen.

Moreover, in the context of the systemic problems in Russia itself (caused, by the way, by the ignorant state governance, based on the narrow-sighted dictatorship) more and more Russian large and medium-sized entrepreneurs are gradually moving to Ukraine; especially those whose business is tightly connected with international operations. Well, Russian dealers are not very interested in letting in people from Lubyanka into their projects, having to share up to 50% of their profit. That is why they move to Ukraine.

The economic problems, which the Russian Federation faces, bear a gross and terrifying character. Premier Dmitry Medvedev forecasts the GDP growth at the level, not exceeding 2%, although at the end of the year the forecasts showed almost the four percent economic growth. This is, by the way, substantiated by the forecasts of the IMF and the World Bank.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation is even more pessimistic. Thus, according to the preliminary calculations of the agency, Russia’s federal budget in 2014-2016 may receive up to 1 trillion rubles profit less, that is, – almost 23 billion euros less. The reason for such pitiful situation is also the unregulated relations with the Customs Union members (the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and Belarus). How does Dmitry Kiselev dare to claim that the European Union does not have any money and that Ukraine’s Association with the EU will kill us after such forecasts? It is silly, ridiculous and awkward to hear such rubbish.

And Russia has basically nothing to expect. The hopelessly obsolete infrastructure, multiplied by the paternalism, keeps on feeding the hordes of bureaucrats of all levels. The oil and gas needle, which the Russian economy persistently refuses to get off, is about to get clogged, ceasing to regularly fill up the decrepitating organism with life-giving cash flows. The investors run away – I will remind that only in the current year the forecast for the capital outflow from the Russian Federation approaches 70 billion dollars.

It undoubtfully gladdens that these attacks do not provoke any feedback on the part of official Kyiv, acting on the principal “the dogs bark – the caravan moves on”. “These reports (Dmitry Kiselev’s on ORT) are a peculiar mixture of the truth and the half-truth, and the tonality and the lexis of the presenter make an impression of his low quality as the reporter on the international affairs. It makes it more pitiful as it happens on the state-owned channel which, on the contrary, has to serve as an example of deliberateness and professionalism. But I am confident that the viewers will not mix apples and oranges,” – speaker at the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yevheniy Perebyinis only observed.

At the same time, the problems continue on the border with the Russian Federation – as was prognosticated. The murder of Ukrainian fishermen in the Kerch strait, the explosion of a car at the checkpoint in Luhansk region – the style of professional provocateurs is obvious even for a person with bad defects of the eye-sight.

And the work of provocateurs, multiplied by the unscrupulous lying propaganda reeks of mere Stalinist or Hitlerite methods, which historians have proved to be the same. The difference is only that the Nazis were tried in Nuremberg and their Communist fellow-haters of people still govern the huge country to the east of Europe.



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