Ukraine on the way to Europe

Complex of abandoned child

Russia is a thing of which the intellect cannot conceive. These lines of great Tyutchev have been referred to for a century and a half while endeavoring to describe the processes happening in Russia from the point of view of ratio, common sense and logic. But Russia is actually not that complex to grant her a status of a metaphysically inconceivable creature. It is quite conceivable – especially, in the context of its rage and offence at Ukraine over Ukraine’s European choice.

To understand Russia’s reaction (generalized personification) to Ukraine’s actions (also generalized personification) in the context of Ukraine, being free adrift in the European rivers and oceans, suffice it to refer to a short, with wide strokes of the paint brush, historical retrospective.

Firstly, one can debate as long as one wants about the authenticity or fakeness of the so called old Slavic written sources, but the historical context is inexorable – Rus was really Kyivan in times of Byzantium; although the definition was later coined by imperial ideologists of St Petersburg and Moscow.

Moscow was relatively a remote place; it was geographically lucky to be somewhat away from invasions. And if Kyiv had not collapsed, Moscow’s development prospects would not have been different from, say, the town of Vladimir.

Secondly, it is the notorious Pereyaslav Coucil, which, supposedly, laid the foundation for the coalescence of the “brotherly people”. Again, let’s leave behind the scenes the insinuations as for the contents of the document on the unification of Ukraine and Russia, the original document was lost; there are some copies but how reliable are they? That is not the point.

The point is the unification did not happen due to the ethnical characteristics but because of the religious ones – orthodox Christians united with orthodox Christians. This unification provided Muscovy with an opportunity for a greater future, including the colonization of the Urals and the Siberia.

Thirdly, even a brisk glance at the history of the empire reveals it has been Ukrainians who has built it – not always and not everywhere, but in both positive and negative aspects. Was it not graduates of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy who founded Peter the Great’s academies? Let alone that St Petersburg was built on the bones of Ukrainians. Is it not expatriates from Ukraine who were collecting the empire in times of the Romanovs and the Bolsheviks? Suffice it to leaf over the textbooks and printed sources to make sure – it was really so.

Fourthly, when the world began to enjoy the growth of the industrial capitalism it was Ukrainian land providing basis for the development of industrialization and the development of mineral recourses in the empire. And they would still do so for centuries but for the Second World War and a forced evacuation of the industrial capacities in the Urals. But even after that the huge country lived at the expense of the Ukrainian resources until the massive start of the Kuznetsk Basin capacities.

And now this part of once one sixth of the land, having given birth and having breast-fed the empire, has decided to live on its own. And it evokes a natural, if you will instinctive resentment from the side of the geographically larger but basically subsidiary part of the state long gone.

The resentment traditionally presented as the “older brother” complex in Moscow, is not a brother complex at all, and definitely not older.

It is rather a complex of the abandoned child. Right – she a big one. Right – she is in some aspects strong. Right – often silly and unpredictable. But she is still a child.

That is why I am confident that Ukraine should treat this panic in the Russian upper circles exactly like the manifestation of the complex of the abandoned child; and in the worst case simply try to comfort it; in the best case to show by its example what life should be – life without fear, interesting life with a vision of the future.

Of course, the Kremlin usurpers do not need such an example at all. They are ready to go long distances to prevent Ukraine from free drifting towards the Atlantic.

There is even information on provocations being prepared by the Russian side on the state border with Ukraine – on the eve of the Vilnius Summit. They say, anything could happen, including explicit military conflict.

But even if it comes to this absurd scenario, we should keep in mind that all of that are pranks of a child angry with her mother, who, as it seems to her, is leaving. And we, Ukrainians, must under no grounds react to such pranks on the mirror principle but rather remember that affectionate understanding cures better that any medicine.


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