Ukraine on the way to Europe

The statement of the State Duma regarding the Association Agreement of Ukraine and the European Union can be only seen in one way – panic growing into hysterics. How else can the conclusions by the honorable Russian law-makers be considered when they say that Ukraine, signing the Agreement, will unavoidably lose a part of its sovereignty?

If the matter was not the Russia at the beginning of the 21 century but an uncouth country from the dead of the Middle Ages, then such statements could have been excused by ignorance and stupidity. But Russian deputies know perfectly well what the Agreement is, how it differs from membership, and, most importantly, they understand it very well that Ukraine is leaving the orbit of the unconditional influence of the Kremlin for good.

“The people of Ukraine will definitely be at a disadvantage from it as Ukraine’s ability to export its goods will decrease, the EU import will grow up dramatically and in general Ukraine receives a negative total economic effect from this agreement (the EU Association Agreement)”, said, in particular, head of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs Aleksey Pushkov.

What a moving concern for Ukraine, somebody might say. But there is not a bit of concern for my country in these words, only hypocrisy. If the Kremlin really cared about Ukraine like a closest neighbor there would not be the notorious ten-year contract with Gazprom, or the Black Sea navy base of the Russian Federation in the Crimea, or numerous FSB agents of influence who are only eagerly engaged in destabilizing the situation in Ukraine.

And not only Ukraine! Let’s remember the unrecognized Transdniestrian Republic, unrecognized Abkhazia – these countries are being kept in limbo acting as the territories of instability in the interest of the ruling upper circles in the Kremlin.

But Ukraine, as has been said many times before, has always been considered by Putin’s officials as the inseparable part of the Russo-Soviet Empire. And a sharp, although considerably prolonged, maneuver of Kyiv towards the West is a hit below the belt for Moscow.

To be more precise, Ukraine’s European choice is an end to Moscow’s integration plans, first of all – to the Customs Union, which could not prevent multiple unfair deeds on the part of Russia from happening to Ukrainian businessmen.

“As a matter of fact, it (the EU Association Agreement signature by Ukraine) means that there will not be any Customs Union,” bitterly resumed First Vice-Premier of Russia Igor Shuvalov.

Actually, Mr Shuvalov might have avoided acting against his conscience admitting that the Customs Union had died without having been born at all. Belarus puts on regular boycotts against Russian goods. Kazakhstan behaves in the same manner, quickly having understood what “advantages” the open borders with the Russian Federation herald – a complete destruction of the industries which at least slightly overlap with the same industries in Russia.

The misunderstanding of the situation in the Kremlin spilt out even on quite a public platform – outside the Russian Federation. That is, – at the Yalta Summit of Viktor Pinchuk, which was visited only by Putin’s aide Sergey Glazyev on the Russian part; that quite transparently suggests that there is only one opinion in Russia, final and irrevocable – Vladimir Putin’s.

What Putin’s ideas did his aide sound? All the same – they are about a complete disaster in Ukraine in case of the Agreement signature. He even had an argument with the actual owner of Roshen Corporation Petro Poroshenko reprimanding the latter for not knowing the English language; which is an absolute boorishness as in the past Poroshenko was – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. And no one can become head of the MFA without proficiency in English…

An open question remains: what other nasty thing does the Kremlin have in store on the threshold of the Vilnius Summit? They have already tried the closed customs, applied political blackmail, and are still applying – but without much success.

I will not be surprised if on the eve of the Summit unprecedented measures of security need to be taken due to the so called threat of terrorism. Of course, there will not be any terrorists even close, at most – civil activists protesting against different aspects of globalization.

Why Kremlin craftsmen cannot throw such a message in the information space– about possible explosions in Vilnius during the Summit. Since a hunted animal, and Russia behaves exactly like a hungry bear, is twice as dangerous.

Besides, there are still some talks of military experts going on that, but for the explosions in Moscow in Kashira highway, there would not have been any Chechen campaign. The second campaign in Chechnya was a fundament for Putin’s election rhetoric – as we all to the east off Warsaw remember.

But the European Union is not Russia. That is why Ukraine will be there.

As one of the cofounders of the St Petersburg Agency for Journalistic Investigation told me as far back as 2000, “you can’t even imagine how far apart we – Russia and Ukraine – are”.

Hopefully, after November 29 my older fried’s words will become a prediction come true.


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